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Just ran across a "best places to live well" article, which mentions Cupertino. I suspect the broader Silicon Valley (other than housing prices and traffic) has many of the features that put Cupertino so high on the list.

Also, the Washington Post had a recent article on coping and being happy at work in these difficult times.

Key points:

1. Work on behavior, not attitude. Act "as if," and attitudes and feelings will follow (basic finding in social psychology).

2. Catch the happiness virus. Hang out with happy people outside of work, if not at.

3. Take care of yourself. Rule #1 in SNW. Get exercise. Eat right. Take Omega-3's, which "are associated with a lower occurrence of depression and such health benefits as improved sleep, energy and concentration." Seek help for serious depression.

The next segment of the same article focuses on maintaining a healthy spirit in the workplace (my words). Key quote: "Demonstrate to your employees that you value them, and they will reward you with loyalty and productivity." Ways to do this, even when tough times mean you can't monetarily reward include communicating, seeking feedback, establishing common purpose...all that soft stuff that makes employees feel invested in the organization, operating as proud owners, instead of cogs in the machine.

Food for thought!

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