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What we are hoping to get from taking the SNW course

With most participants for the upcoming SCU SNW having weighed in, here's what people are saying they are hoping to gain from taking the course.

We work in very demanding customer facing environment and i am looking for ways in which my team can perform effectively and enjoy the experience as well.

I guess I would hope to have my work experience, what ever I may be doing, be more fulfilling and satisfying upon completion of this course. I often feel like I have to go to work when I should instead be doing things to make the world a better place. I would like to integrate these two desires so that I can make real, positive changes in myself and in those around me at work and feel the satisfaction of doing so.

I'm hoping to learn some creative ways to turn a stale work environment into a lively, fun and productive one!

I hope to learn more about viewing work as more than just a place to do your job and collect a paycheck.

I'm excited to learn about some ways to make "work-life" better (and less stressful) for both myself and for my employees.

I want to learn how to incorporate meditation, spirituality, and the everyday stresses of the business into a smooth life process.

Information on how to bridge the gap between my personal life, spiritual life and work life to create a unique type of work/life balance.

I am constantly looking for ways to expand my horizon, find stimulating literature, and experience new perspectives of the business world and life in general. A healthy work-life balance is very important to me and I hope this course will contribute to that.

Learn how to better interact with others to make the workplace more enjoyable and productive. I'm also curious of spirituality can be found in the workplace.

Learn what kind of work and workplace best aligns with the type of person I am.

Understanding of new workplace dynamics to make work more enjoyable.

Energy to calm stressful people in a fast paced work environment.

Understanding of what this is all about and would this really work in a real workplace.

I hope to learn how to have more fun at work and to make the workplace a more enjoyable experience.

I hope to learn how to really relax and enjoy work as much as possible without taking away from my productivity.

What I'm most hoping to get out of this class is a understanding of how to channel my frustrations/successes in order to more effectively and professionally work with others.

I would like to come away with a better way to manage work-life balance and a way to cope when the balance is skewed toward work.

Thanks to those of you who posted (or emailed me) your hopes for the course (and a gentle nudge to those of you who haven't :-)!

Any prior participants see their reasons re-cycling?

- Joe

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