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"Would you like a cup of excellence today?"

That's a question I just heard, from a barista to a customer in reference to special "brews of the day" at one of my alterna-work spots.

His answer was "why not?", which is indeed a fine response. But it got me thinking metaphorically about daily excellence, and leads to today's question.

"How could you enjoy a cup of excellence today?"

It could be that you seek out and appreciate excellence in something mundane...it could be that you yourself make it a priority to give others a cup of excellence today...it's not asking for a lot, just a cup.

Maybe it's finally making that donation to charity that you've been procrastinating.

For the record, I went with my own cup of excellence, having found theirs too lightly-roasted for my tastes. So cup-at-a-time organic West Coast French with room for soy it is! And excellence to you in all you do today!

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