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Jim Collins' "Hedgehog Principle" applied to individual careers

I remember listening to Jim Collins, co-author with Jerry Porras of Built to Last and author of Good to Great, share how people could use his three overlapping circles of Passion, Genetic Encoding, and Monetarily [or otherwise] Rewarding to find their own best work. One SNW group (anyone want to take credit?) coined the term "Sweet Spot City" to refer to that in their "What's Your Perfect Day" group exercise.

So, with that in mind, you may want to consider again each of those zones...

1) What are you passionate about? Can you find work that touches on that?
2) What are you really really good at doing, maybe among the best in the world? What are your core gifts? What is your calling? What are you genetically encoded to do?
3) What will you find rewarding, monetarily and otherwise? How will you add value to the broader living system that is recognized and acknowledged and allows you to continue to thrive and contribute? How do you generate profit, in a holistic sense (to borrow from Play's Andy Stefanovich's video on People, Play, Profit)?

I'll post something soon on Richard Lieder's Calling Cards exercise, through which I determined my calling to be "designing and facilitating transformational learning experiences."

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