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Jim Collins' "Hedgehog Principle" applied to individual careers

I remember listening to Jim Collins, co-author with Jerry Porras of Built to Last and author of Good to Great, share how people could use his three overlapping circles of Passion, Genetic Encoding, and Monetarily [or otherwise] Rewarding to find their own best work. One SNW group (anyone want to take credit?) coined the term "Sweet Spot City" to refer to that in their "What's Your Perfect Day" group… Continue

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Just ran across this in my files and wanted to digitize and share

From time to time it is useful to ask ourselves the following questions:

- What are my dreams and goals?

- What am I working towards?

- What sort of future am I building towards?

- Can I clearly see this future?

- What specific difference could I make right now that will ensure I am getting closer to what I really want in my life?

Take some quiet time and reflect on the questions above, the answers you give could be the key that… Continue

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Hope you all received your end of class letters okay

In mid-December I placed all of your "letters to yourselves" from our last day of SNW into the U.S. Mail and am hoping they arrived at a good time for you and served as a reminder of the lessons learned in SNW that you, ideally, are finding success putting into practice!

Just today, Peter and I finished teaching the one-week version of SNW at Darden, and I thought again about the desirability of continuing the community beyond the time of the course itself.

Since we plan to…


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8 Simple Ways to Control Stress

I brought something with me from Virginia that I printed out awhile ago

called "8 Simple Ways to Control Stress." I searched online for it, and

though I didn't find the particular version I had printed out (with a

cartoon character guy in a hammock), I did find it many places,

including a "buy an essay to plagiarize for class" site. Here's one of

the more legitimate ones:…


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Welcome to the SNW Ning

We have created this online community as an extension of Spirit of the New Workplace courses and workshops. Here you may share insights, coordinate group projects, pose questions, and even create your own interest groups and discussions. This network will continue beyond the course, so you may carry your lessons and new found connections forward. You may also direct colleagues, friends and family members to this online community to explore Spirit of the New Workplace themselves.

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Suggested booklist

301 Ways to Have Fun at Work (or books of a similar bent)…


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