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Chapter outline - Holistic human asset practices

Holistic human asset practices

Organizations exist to accomplish things that individuals acting alone cannot. I still remember this truism from the first management textbook with which I taught. In exchange for money and other things of value, individuals agree to give some of their time and energy to the organization. People organize for reasons of expected synergy, just as people engage in market exchanges for individual utility-maximizing reasons. Bill Ouchi, professor,… Continue

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What do you contribute to meetings?

Here is a recent article from FastCompany.com about typical types of people in meetings. Do you recognize yourself or your colleagues in any of these descriptions? Which ones are positive? Which ones that are negative do you think you do too much of? Do you want to change?

Personally, I want to be more of a Maestro!

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New York Times interview with Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo

A couple of weeks ago there was a nice interview with Bartz. I particularly liked her answer to the following:

Q. What should business schools teach more of, or less of?

A. I think there ought to be some classes for people to get more philosophical about who they are and what motivates them, and therefore why they act like they… Continue

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Take a yoga break at work

You could do a lot more yoga at work than what these few exercises suggest, but you may have to close your door or put up with co-workers' stares...

This article came to me from the LinkedIn group Corporate Yogis at WORK.

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Overwork is detrimental to success, not just to you personally

Interesting article about how daydreaming actually activates portions of our brains that help problem-solving and some examples of workplaces (like Facebook's) that encourage that.

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Meditation and Green Jobs

Two interesting articles I just ran across and wanted to share. The first is a Fortune magazine article about meditation leading to success at work, and the second is from FastCompany about the… Continue

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Getting Out of the Box With People Who Are Different

One of my colleagues at Darden, Martin Davidson, has started a blog and I thought his first entry was really nice.

In particular, he suggests three things to do: 1) think about your own identity differently than you currently do, 2) connect about differences instead of similarities, and 3) embrace the weird, especially if… Continue

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Building Sustainable Organizations - The Human Factor

That is the title of my dissertation adviser Jeffrey Pfeffer's latest research paper, and I'm excited by the direction his work is going, as it dovetails nicely with SNW themes.

The paper is available here.

For an interview with Jeff about the article, see here.

Key questions - what will it take to… Continue

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Innovation in large companies

This Sunday's New York Times business section contained an article arguing that to fix our large systemic problems it will have to be larger companies (e.g., General Electric, Microsoft) who provide the solutions, in addition to the smaller innovations by entrepreneurs that help things along.

This is where freeing up people from bureaucracy and thinking of your organization as a living system comes in handy. See our… Continue

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Right brain exercise

Simple, really, just read the colors, not the words...

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From "The 4-Hour Workweek"

"What would you do if you didn't have to think about money?"

Probably a good question, which then begs the (perhaps prior) question: How will you get to a point where you don't have to think about money?

4HWW suggests developing Income Autopilot schemes, using information products over the web, which I'm turning my attention to as soon as this one alumnus calls...

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Mothers and Leadership

Interesting article about the role mothers play in cultivating leaders. As a single dad (and Little League coach :-), I found some value in the article as well.

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Fun with a Purpose

Here's a cute quiz a high school classmate just emailed around...who knows? Maybe it will lead to more self-awareness (or could be a good start to an otherwise boring meeting).

"If all of the eight desserts listed below were sitting in front of you, which would you choose (sorry, you can only pick one!). Trust me... this is very accurate.

Pick your dessert, then look to see what many psychiatrists think about you. REMEMBER - No Cheating. Make your choice before you check… Continue

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End of course letters!

I just delivered the end of course letters that we collect from participants back to their Darden mailboxes before graduation, which is causing me to wonder whether a) there are substantive lessons, and b) whether they stick, in the short or long-term.

So, if anybody, new or old, wants to share the ways in which their letters were helpful to them, we'd greatly appreciate the feedback!

Plus, it would be another good chance to share insights.

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Happiness these days

Just ran across a "best places to live well" article, which mentions Cupertino. I suspect the broader Silicon Valley (other than housing prices and traffic) has many of the features that put Cupertino so high on the list.

Also, the Washington Post had a recent article on coping and… Continue

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How to handle a bad boss

My boss sucks a lot of the time. Problem? I'm self-employed!

No, I've got it good, mostly.

But if you're dealing with a bad boss, here are some tips, helping you find more of the spirit of the new workplace even in a sub-optimal situation!

Let us know how it works!

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Career Killers

Sadly, I have been guilty of many of these Seven Career Killers!

I continue to find value in David Allen's work (Getting Things Done) for my own tendencies to procrastinate.

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Take a clarity break

Another piece from the same person featured in the CNBC clip, Tevis Gail Trower, again found on LinkedIn's "Corporate Yogis at WORK!"

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Yoga and Meditation in the Workplace

Here's a CNBC clip I just found on yoga and meditation in the workplace, referenced on the LinkedIn group "Corporate Yogis at WORK!"

And yet a book publisher I'm talking with keeps telling me to get rid of the "soft stuff"...sigh.

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Stress resources

Just found these recently, so thought I'd post them:

The first is a nice overview from MedicineNet.com that includes a section on exercise, meditation/relaxation, time management and organization skills, and getting support.

The next is a longer overview article from Yahoo, that I found really… Continue

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Suggested booklist

301 Ways to Have Fun at Work (or books of a similar bent)…


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