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August 2008 Blog Posts (6)

Easy stretching and yoga poses

1. sit comfortably

2. neck stretches

3. hand flexors

4. crescent stretches

5. seated twists

6. extend legs long

7. hurdler stretches

8. transition to all fours

9. child's pose

10. cat/cow stretches

11. extend right arm and left leg; switch

12. move to standing

13. mountain pose

14. half sun salutations

15. full sun salutations with variations

- lunge with hands on knee and/or arms overhead

- warrior I and II

-… Continue

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Leading a Living Organization brief summary

Peter wrote up the following to summarize some of the “why” of thinking of your organization as a living system, and I have attached some slides that also summarize some of what he was saying in class:

When we talk about organizations being living systems, there are two ways to think about this. On one hand, an organization is essentially an ecosystem, comprised of a diverse array of component parts each with a separate function that contributes to the maintenance of the system as… Continue

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"Showing Up for your Life at Work" journal panels

From my recollection, these were the panels (in addition to What's Your Perfect Day?) that participants recommended from their initial work with the course journal:

- What if it wasn't about the money?

- Holistic view of profit

- Get out of your chair

- What do you have to give up?

- What's on your stop doing list?

- Think about a high point experience

- What poisons your day?

Were there others? Or are there ones you would now add to the list… Continue

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Recap of first weekend of SCU SNW 08


Building our Learning Community

- Koosh ball name game

- Six questions (dream job, real job, fun at work, first/worst job lesson, hidden talent, book takeaway)

- Dice game sharing of answers in random organic pods

- Headlines task

Establishing Common Purpose

- What's Your Perfect Day? group activity

- Collins and Porras, Building Your Company's Vision

Movement session #1

- Synovial fluid

- Waking up… Continue

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Will John ever learn?

Yesterday I taught an executive education session on Individual Change that used the case of John Wolford, a stressed-out general manager with a litany of problems. It always generates a good discussion, since most of the "emerging leaders" in this program can empathize with John's time management/work-life balance issues, as well as many others in the case.

Below are some slides I worked up on stress, Type A behavior, change, and a few things anyone can do to start making positive… Continue

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Recently read a blog post by Penelope Wise, The Brazen Careerist in Cville Weekly in which she argued that rather than letting technology, like Blackberries, rule our lives, we need to take control and use them mindfully (my words).

Food for thought.

Interestingly, when I went searching for a link to her article just now, I tried… Continue

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Suggested booklist

301 Ways to Have Fun at Work (or books of a similar bent)…


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